The new LAN / WLAN interface module ISM7i / ISM7e

Now Heating is really fun, because on the interface module ISM7i (for installation) ud ISM7e (external solution for retrofitting), the heating system are integrated into a wired or wireless network. For secure communication over the Internet, the interface module is simply connected to the existing DSL router, through which the connection to the protected Wolf Portal server will be established.  The remote control via the Internet is either a smartphone or PCusing the convenient, browser-based user interface Wolf portal. Should only take place locally on your home network access to the heating, no internet connection is required.

The Wolf communication system allows the skilled artisan to perform remote diagnostics by accessing the Wolf heating system via the Internet. 
Fault messages are automatically sent via e-mail to the operator and specialist craftsmen. The interface module ISM7i is only available for the new wolf condensing boilers.

Основные преимущества:

• Easy installation in the BWL-1S, CGB-2, CGS-2, CGW-2, CSZ-2, MGK-2 and TOB
• Communication with smartphone, laptop and PC
• Operation and monitoring of heating systems via the home network without an Internet connection possible
• Remote control and remote monitoring via the Internet
• Remote diagnosis by skilled craftsmen or Wolf Service
• Fault email
• Management of several plants by the skilled artisan

The ISM7e at a glance:

• All properties such as modulus ISM7i
• As mobile interface or integration of "old" devices
• Also supports: BM, CGB, CGG-2, CGU-2, COB, MGK, R2, R3 and R21
• Power supply via USB


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